Thank You! We have the best delegates, speakers and sponsors of any event we know of! Together we are the emailexpert community and each of you are ’emailexpert’.

The team at emailexpert is so incredibly humbled by the support we got from speakers, sponsors and of course delegates. The DMARC Advisor 2022 Inbox Expo Summer Edition was a resounding success. Following the event there have been hundreds of spontaneous posts from delegates, speakers and sponsors alike across social media with an outpouring of thanks and gratitude and the kind of reviews we could not have dreamed of.

Several seasoned regular industry conference attendees claimed ours was the best event … in email marketing worldwide, or… email event in Europe, or…. in person business event of any kind in the past 18 months – word to that effect or similar. We take this generous write-ups with a big grain of salt. We humbly accept we are only as good as our last event, and truly hope we can surpass expectations as we go forward.

In terms of business goals and metrics for the in-person event. We achieved all the targets we outlined at the outset. We sold out of sponsor inventory, exhibitor booth space and delegate passes. We said we would limit the number of delegates to 150 and we achieved that and stopped the sale of in-person tickets more than 3 weeks out from the event. Whilst there was interest and we could have sold more tickets it was important for us to bring the experience we had as our vision for delegates and manage our resources to ensure we could exceed expectations.

To achieve this successfully we knew we would have to limit the numbers to guarantee the delegate and speaker experience whilst working with the limited resources available to us. Feedback from all those who attended surpassed our expectations and what was shared has genuinely humbled us. We really do care about all the details of speakers, delegates and sponsors experience at our events, and are so glad the effort is appreciated and that those that attend note the difference. The feedback received let us know it was the right decision to manage our growth and keep the numbers relatively tight at 150 delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Abstract wins include the fact more and more speakers and delegates are comfortable bring babies, toddlers, teens, spouses, significant others, mothers and other family members to the social elements of our events including aspects like lunch.

In terms of the hybrid component there were some early teething troubles on the pre conference day. We can put this down to a couple of decisions, however the disruption was kept to a minimum.
1. We decided that we would live stream all content from all stages and across all three days. This decision was taken too close to the event date for comfort. Adding significant extra loads on our resources. We had previously stated we would stream only one stage and for two days. Two stages for 3 days was a significant increase. It did afford online delegates the opportunity for far more content.
2. By request we used a platform we were less experienced with. and discovered platform limitations we had been unaware of despite testing. We had to quickly switch to utilise Linkedin Live to circumvent platform limitations. Content was rapidly shared to Vimeo allowing view on demand to all our delegates.

We learned from this of course, although the disruption was already significantly mitigated as we had reliable and robust backups available in case of failure the experience was far from optimal. We will be far more likely to stick to process, platforms and systems we have already proven as successful moving forward. The true hybrid event model that we have been providing still proves to be incredibly costly to deliver and we are assessing various options for providing accessibility to our content whilst maintaining financial viability.

The feedback from those that attended in person has given us the confidence to announce a full line up of events this coming year, and we kick off with Inbox Expo 2023. Super excited to start organising what will be the biggest ever Inbox Expo. We will be limiting places to 200 individuals and 16 exhibitors. We are holding the event at Las Arenas, probably fo the last time in a while. At the end of Winter in the final days of February 2023. The weather will be mild and we have secured great rates for delegates wanting to stay at the venue.

We want our delegates to achieve more than to learn and meet new people whilst attending our events. We want people to establish truly meaningful connections (that we hope last a lifetime), be and feel safe and have an exceptionally good time whilst learning something new (and hopefully insight that is unique to our event). Moreover we want everyone that attends on of our events to more than feel, but truly be a valuable and valued part of our community. Having now witnessed one (pivoted at last moment) Virtual and two hybrid Expo’s we can see this becoming a reality. We are truly blown away by how quickly this has happened and how strong the community of people is.

This is of course down to all the players involved, speakers, presenters, unofficial event promoters and very much the delegates. Of course none of it would be possible without the generous support of sponsors. More than 75% of our sponsors are repeat sponsors, however a few opportunities open up every event, reach out if your org may be interested in supporting us as we grow the community.


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