Innovations in Email Marketing: Insights from Inbox Expo

Digital Additive’s Strategic Growth Team Shares Key Takeaways and Future Aspirations

Inbox Expo stands out among digital marketing conferences by meaningfully bringing together professionals and experts to really explore the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the email and mobile marketing space. Digital Additive was honored to among this year’s team of sponsors, and we were blown away by this year’s wealth of insights and actionable takeaways for attendees. We had the opportunity to speak with Jennie and Caitlyn from our Strategic Growth team who shared their biggest takeaways, the sessions that resonated with them most, and the strategies they found particularly intriguing.

What would you say is your biggest takeaway from the event?

Jennie: My biggest takeaway was that so many people are still innovating in the email space, which is remarkable considering this is a channel that many predicted would die out with the advent of social media. 

Caitlyn: My biggest takeaway is that the email/mobile space remains a relevant channel that is trackable, lucrative, and ever-evolving. It should be treated as one of the highest priority channels and needs to work closely with all other digital channels to create the biggest impact.

What session or speaker resonated with you the most, and why?

Jennie: I really enjoyed Dela Quist’s “Unlocking Email Excellence: A Masterclass for Marketers Who Send Email.” He had some excellent points about aggregating your client email data to find and understanding your real-life client lifecycle – not what your marketing team “thinks” the lifecycle is. 

Caitlyn: Carlos Gil from GetResponse had a great session called “The Synergy of Email Marketing and Social Media: Amplifying Your Brand Voice Across Channels” around brands listening to their customers rather than forcing their own agenda down their customers’ throats. He discussed how brands need to continue to adapt their messaging to the technology and the end customer. He used Drake, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and other creators as examples of creators who continue to reinvent themselves / their brand to remain at the top of the industry / set the trends.

What specific strategies or tactics did you find most interesting, and how might they apply to Digital Additive’s approach for its clients?

Jennie: Honestly, I can tell you more of the strategies I didn’t agree with – like hearing someone say that small B2B companies should be trying to send daily emails. And that preference centers are a waste of time. I suppose I’ll harken back to Dela’s talk on using your email data to identify the real trends by the channel and not going on just what the larger business “thinks” are the trends.

Caitlyn: The biggest topic that I can remember is around Yahoogle (yahoo and google inbox changes) and how it is changing the way marketers send emails — and doing so in a smarter and more personalized manner. These are changes that will continue to affect the space and set the trend for other ISPs. There is more to come here and we as email marketers have to pay attention and continue to educate ourselves as well as our clients.

Feel free to share a specific “aha moment” you had during the conference.

Jennie: My main aha (and certainly Caitlyn’s) is that we would love to speak at this conference next year! 

An emphasis on data-driven strategies, the importance of integrating email with other digital channels, and the need for continuous adaptation to new technologies were all addressed as crucial topics during the conference. As a team, we were not only inspired by the innovative ideas presented but also motivated to contribute our own expertise in future conferences. Inbox Expo helped DA redouble our commitment to staying ahead of trends and educating our clients regarding the ongoing evolution and importance of email marketing in the digital landscape.


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