Meet Inbox Expo Delegates at Festival of Email

There were over 100 speakers, panelists & performers in attendance.

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Hundreds of contacts were established at Inbox Expo during networking and extra curricular.

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Over 50 hours of content was delivered over the 4 days. Gigabytes of content for download.

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All delegates received a certificate of attendance and are able to gain more soon.

It was so useful for me, I got to know so many people in the industry. I will definitely be going again!

Ornella Gallo, WeTransfer

Ornella Gallo emailgeek - wetransfer

If you go to one email conference this year make it Inbox Expo

Inbox Expo Exhibitors

Keep up to date with who the exhibitors and sponsors are at the 2021 event

`The festival of email...

14 day hybrid experience

Be recognised and certified!

emailexpert certifications for Linkedin

Our speakers have received verifiable certification of their  public speaking abilities since our inaugural event. A practice we will continue.

In 2021 our delegates now have the opportunity to get certified for their attendance and their investment of learning time across a number of modules. Email Innovation. Best Practice. Vendor Marketplace. Deliverability.

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