about Inbox Expo 2020

I’m really looking forward to the next Inbox Expo!

Kent McGovern
Sr. Deliverability Strategist,

…The way that Andrew Bonar and Nely Bonar pivoted and delivered the entire show online was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my business life. They are amazing…

Chris Marriott
President & Founder, Email Connect

Could not agree more Chris. Simply amazing work!

Ryan Phelan
Co-founder, RPEOrigin

A real pleasure to be involved. Kudos to Andrew Bonar and Nely Bonar for pulling off a great event under the most difficult of circumstances!

…A lot of good content and insight! “Later it’s Never” #InboxExpo #emailmarketing…

Sergio Palmeirao
Head of Brazil at GetResponse

…An awesome conference!…

Elliot Ross
CEO and Co-founder, Taxi for Email

+1 to that! Fully enjoyed the content each presenter shared, and was so impressed by Andrew and Nely’s ability to put on a fully digital show on such short notice, with only a few bumps along the way. Kudos!

PS – I saw Chris’ presentation live, and it was great! Worth checking out.

Lauren Meyer
VP Of Industry Relations and Compliance, Kickbox


…A good thing happened last week, thanks mainly to Andrew and Nely Bonar…

…Felt really good to present at #InboxExpo – thank you for the opportunity …

…It’s a privilege to be speaking at World’s largest Email Conference “Inboxexpo”.
The event is completely virtual and marketers across the globe are joining us.

Tanishq Juneja
Global Product Marketing Head at Netcore,
Co-founder & The Email Guy at Pepipost


content and Inbox Expo speakers

I’ve just been listening to a wonderful presentation at emailexpert’s Inbox Expo, given by Chamaileon / EDMdesigner.com’s Roland Pokornyik and Patricia Blesa. It has to do with accessibility in email design.

I work with a severely visually impaired person and my dad is one too, so while I don’t have any immediate personal experience of the topic yet, thankfully, I see the effects up close. The tips from Patricia and Roland are pure gold for anyone who is trying to serve all readers of their emails.

Atro Tossavainen
anti-spam intel company Koli-Lõks OÜ

Thanks particularly to; Andrew Bonar, Jakub Olexa and Tonya Gordon for providing the highlights in a milestone day.

…Whats more exciting is I along with email super star Dennis Dayman and martech analyst Stephanie Lynn Graham from G2 are unveiling Netcore Solutions Global Email Trends and Predictions Report @inboxexpo and its within the safety and comfort of your office desk..

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