This page will be revised before the 2022 event tickets go on sale.

Our policy in respect of in person and virtual tickets is the same, we operate a no cash refunds policy before, during or after the event except as required by law or where we have failed to meet our obligations as set out in our terms.

If I cannot make it in person do I get online access?
Yes every delegates has access to all the online content.

What if the event is cancelled?
The event will not be cancelled.

What if the in portion part of the event does not go ahead?
If for reasons beyond our control we are unable to provide the event in-person as promised in Valencia we will transfer the value to any future emailexpert event.

What if there is a new lockdown or travel restrictions?
If you are unable to attend the event due to new covid travel restrictions we will attempt to find another delegate to transfer your ticket to so you can be reimbursed.

What if new travel restrictions stop me from attending?
In respect of in person access, if you are unable to attend in person we will try and facilitate the transfer to another interested delegate. However if covid restrictions or otherwise forces you to not attend we will not be able to provide a refund in this regard, we can only help facilitate the transfer to another potentially interested party. However as our costs will be fixed and not be refunded or a negligible amount of the total invested would be refunded to us. This means we will not be in any position to refund in those circumstances.


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