Malvarosa/ Cabanyal: restaurantes & cafés

La Batisfera Café Book shop

Carrer de la Reina, 167, 46011 València

Book store café. Nice vibe and food is good

Check opening hours.


Carrer de la Reina, 148, 46011 València

Good burgers –  12 Euros lunch menú. Also delivery and takeaway


Carrer d’Eugènia Viñes, 225, 46011 València

Foodmarket with many options. Good location. Seating in and out. Up and down. Delicious food. Good vibe. Nice friendly staff.

Cien Fuegos Cabanyal

Carrer de la Reina, 180, 46011 València, Valencia

Very good Argentinan steak place. Not cheap, but great meat. Make reservations


Carrer d’Espadà, 31, 46011 València

Open almost all day. Owner is Czech. Good food.

La Otra Parte Taberna

Carrer d’Eugènia Viñes, 113, 46011 València

Cosy local place with good tapas. Friendly atmosphere and Flamenco on Tuesday nights

Bodega Anyora

Carrer d’en Vicent Gallart, 15, 46011 València

Very good local restaurant. Make reservation

Pannes Bakery & Coffee

Carrer de Just Vilar, 7, 46011 València

Café – good breakfast place

La Fabrica de Hielo

Calle José Ballester Gozalvo, 37, 46011 Valencia

Local place with Good music,  food and drinks-

Check the program

Bar Work in Progress

Carrer de Martí Grajales, 13, 46011 València

Trendy and tasty. 

La Marítima

Carrer del Moll de la Duana, s/n, 46024 València

High end restaurant. Really good. For the special occasion.


Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I, Valencia

Harbour. All the way out on the pier. Good food and hangout. Ask beforehand if the kitchen is open. 

Marina Beach Club Valencia

Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I, s/n, 46011

Open all night long. Young crowd. Loud music. Beach place. Trendy

Federal Valencia

Carrer de l’Ambaixador Vich, 15, 46002 València

A franchise. Also in Madrid and Barcelona. Good, trendy and tasty.

Pastelería NUEZCAFÉ

Carrer del Convent de Sant Francesc, 6, 46002 Valencia

great café in the center.

Grocery shopping

Mercat Municipal del Cabanyal

Carrer de Martí Grajales, 4, 46011 València

Local market. Best in morning.


Carrer de Vicent Brull, 81, 46011 València

Supermarket. Open 9-21:30. Closed Sunday and holidays.


Bike rental


Carrer de la Reina, 11, 46011 València

Buy cards for bus/tram/metro in the Tabaco Store on Calle Reina. Also there are machines on the tram stops and on the Metro stations.

Dr. Lluch

46011 Valencia, Spain

Tram stop. Line 4 goes to the city (north side) every 10 mins during the day. Enlight at Ponte Fusta and walk from there. Nice walk over the bridge to the old city gate. Dr. Lluch is also where you enlight coming backon line 4 and coming from the Metro. 


46011 Valencia, Spanien

Tram stop. 6 goes to Maritim Metro every 20 mins.

Marítim – Serrería

46022 Valencia, Spanien

Metro. 5 and 7. To /from centro city and the airport

Reina – Columbretes

46011 Valencia

Bus stop. Lines 19 and 92. River Park, Science City and the center.


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