Inbox Expo is back! December 2021

Inbox Expo is back in person and online! Bringing together enterprise users of email in a true hybrid experience. The location for our next event is Valencia, Spain. Inbox Expo is fast becoming a leading industry event in the world for the email community.

This year’s edition of Inbox Expo is more than just another conference. It is for many the first opportunity in a long time for people to meet new people in the industry, make new connections, discover new ideas, and share new strategies in person.

This year we’re celebrating our 3rd Inbox Expo and our first in-person Inbox Expo, off the back of our successful in-person emailexpert event in June in Miami, Florida (part of the Festival of Email).

We’re going to have a lot of exciting announcements and a lot of fun activities happening in person in Valencia, Spain. We’ll have a full schedule of speakers and some exhibitors. We have a special focus on infrastructure, deliverability, compliance and authentication. An event for enterprise users of email and messaging.

If you’re not familiar, Inbox Expo is always available as an interactive online conference and expo that brings leaders from the world of inbox apps together with developers, marketers, business developers, and content creators.

Attendees have the opportunity to learn best practices from thought leaders, hear talks on how to competently navigate the email ecosystem, and present innovative ideas to the community. A hybrid conference which combines online and offline networking opportunities.

A wide range of expert speakers that provide valuable, actionable insights on a range of subjects including deliverability, compliance, authentication and messaging as well as lifecycle messaging strategy. We have a great selection of hands-on expo sessions, where you can really get to grips with some of the latest technologies.

In conclusion Inbox Expo is a great opportunity for email geeks to learn about the latest developments in the field and network with other professionals in a relaxed environment.

We hope to see you in Valencia in December!


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