The “Global Email Trends Report” Keynote & Breakout

We are extremely proud to be able to release the NETCORE GLOBAL EMAIL TRENDS REPORT 2020 at Inbox Expo. The seminar will deliver valuable content and insight and is therefore being featured as a keynote presentation at the 2020 Inbox Expo. It is going to be a session full of analysis and commentary researched by a team of experts and studies from a selection of independent research firms. The report was written to specifically assist you in achieving your goals in email marketing in 2020.

The seminar will also share insights from G2 Market Research Analyst on Transactional Email, Email Deliverability and Email Marketing Category’s growth, strength and opportunities.

Key Highlights:

  • Prediction and Trends 2020 in Email by leading experts in the industry
  • Impact of CCPA on Email Industry
  • Growth of Transactional Email, Email Deliverability, and Email Marketing Categories
  • Reviewer Demographics
  • Key Global Email Benchmarks
  • Report Inferences & Highlights

The email experts, Inbox Expo keynote speakers for the Global Email Trends Report 2020 Panel:

Dennis Dayman
Data Privacy Officer, Mentor

Stephanie Graham
Market Research Analyst, G2

Chaitanya Chinta
Global Head
Email Business, Netcore

The seminar itself will be made available directly via a free webinar at the Netcore website, simply requiring free registration. However Inbox Expo will share the entire webinar as part of our main stage keynote content.

Enhanced access for Inbox Expo Delegates

Delegates to Inbox Expo get to enjoy enhanced access to additional insight and analysis from some of the experts over the duration of the event, as well as a delegate vide breakout allowing delegates to analyse and discuss the content with their professional peers. All as part of the Inbox Expo mission to ensure we do all we can to facilitate delegates ability to up their email game, up their email network and up their email ROI in 2020.


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