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We are excited to be presenting in person in the Valencia edition of Inbox Expo: Accepting the Unacceptable. Are you an email or deliverability specialist having a hard time making changes within an organisation? Join this presentation and learn how to help your organisation change the deep rooted issues and misconceptions that come all the way from the top of the business. Let’s work on being the driving force behind much needed changes within the realm of email & deliverability within our organisations as we know some practices that have been in place for years are not always representative of the current email and deliverability landscape.

A little bit about us

EmailConsul has one mission: To offer an accessible email analytics and deliverability platform focused on giving all necessary data and power into the hands of the sender. Ever wondered if your email performance was affected by deliverability instead of your marketing strategy? Let’s find out together!

EmailConsul is the one tool you need to get your email marketing on track and in the inbox. From seed tests, which allow you to see if your email lands in the inbox, the spam folder, or nowhere at all, to domain reputation monitoring, we have all the tools you need to ensure you make the right decisions. 

A tool created by deliverability specialists with over 15 years of experience, who know exactly what senders need to ensure emails land in the inbox and who want to offer an affordable solution to all. If you ever need help or advice you are always welcome to contact the deliverability specialists who created the product. We are here to help all senders. 

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