Call out to any #emailgeek influencers, bloggers, FB & Linkedin community managers

We are looking to get the word out about our upcoming email summit Inbox Expo. If you have a blog dedicated to email, CRM, deliverability, marketing or indeed conferences and events we would love you to share details about our event with your readers.

We are looking to get our story out far and wide and have no budget, so we have an offer for bloggers and writers. In exchange for sharing details about our event we will provide you a some tangible benefits:

  • A free digital delegate pass to the inaugural Inbox Expo digital edition worth $267
  • We will post you a selection of #swag from the event
  • Our gratitude and shout outs on social

You can focus on the London Conference or the entire Digital Expo, hone down to just one speaker or not. We do not make many stipulations on the post. It does not have to be promotional, indeed if you feel you have constructive or valid criticism about what we are doing, then as long as you meet the other requirements we will still provide you a free pass!

If you have a high traffic or particularly noteworthy site or blog, manage an active community or similar we can offer additional benefits. Including access to exclusive content, our speakers for interview and promotions and discounts exclusive to your visitors.

  • Your blog must be indexed by both Google and Bing (minimum 12 pages)
  • Your site must be publishing original unique content of good quality
  • Your site must be focused on a topic that relates to our conference
  • No splogs, adword farms, crypto sites or similar will be entertained
  • The post must include a link to either or
  • The post must be well written and at least 450 words and similar in style and length to your other posts

For the avoidance of doubt comment below or contact us to confirm your site will be eligible. For some sites we can even provide sample blog posts for editing. We will consider high quality non English language sites that focus on email, but please reach out first to avoid disappointment.

We can also extend this offer for those posting to their on target social media groups and communities. If you manage a Linkedin or Facebook Group or page, are a Linkedin Editor reach out let us know how you can help us get the word out and we will see if we can hook you up with a ticket and more.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out below.


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