The full agenda and event schedule will be made available in the coming days and weeks.

The Small Print!

We know many conference organisers get a bad wrap about how loose and free they are with their delegates data. We want you to be sure we take privacy seriously and also wanted to be transparent about how your data could be used and shared when registering. 

At Inbox Expo we have always said, and will continue to stand our ground on this, our first responsibility is to our delegates, then our speaker and finally we can consider sponsors ambitions. Sponsors are an essential for us and help us offset the true cost of hosting these events. 

Your Name
We want people to make meaningful and personal connections. Real names and not nicknames are required for your name field. Do not include your brand in the name field please, you can do so in the description field.

Your Employment Details
Your Role, Your Employer are important to other delegates looking to make meaningful connections, it is why you find it on delegate badges at conferences in the real word. It helps delegates identify their peers and potential partners. Those metrics are important for us internally as they help us tailor our content now and in future to our audience. It is important to potential partners and sponsors as they need to understand whether our delegates match their target audience.

Your email address
When you sign-up for a ticket you will get event related emails from us. These provide you access to the event, password reminders, essential event updates – you cannot unsubscribe from these. We will also keep you posted about what we have in store in terms of new keynotes, workshops, entertainment and competitions that we will be running for delegates. You can unsubscribe from those at any time. In reality we do not send as many messages as we probably should!

Sharing your data
We do share the Names, Position and Company with our sponsors. In fact that data will be shared with fellow delegates too on your virtual conference badge. That level of visibility we expect our delegates to anticipate at this kind of business conference and expo.  

On registration either on Hopin, Linkedin or you have the option to say yes or no to limited offers from partners. This does not mean you will be added to any newsletters or similar lists. 

If you choose to opt-in to third party offers then and only then can selected premier sponsors have the opportunity to reach out with a targeted offer or opportunity. These vary from unique product offers to offers to join on podcasts as a guest, be interviewed for a blog, an extended free trial or just a request for postal details to send you good old traditional swag. The vast majority of delegates have never heard from one of our sponsors and we have never had a complaint in respect of the emails sent. 

That said, it is the spirit of the agreement.

Privacy: Our full Privacy Policy can be found here

Full Terms: Our full terms and conditions are here.

Your Behaviour: You agree to a certain code of conduct when attending our events read our delegate behaviour policy here.

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