You have questions, that is to be expected Inbox Expo is a brand new concept

Answers to many of the most common questions relating to Inbox Expo Digital Edition are right here

Not at all, we are offering a full virtual conference experience. Forget your past experience with Webex, or Facebook Live, the failed online workshop and training webinar. The first two days of the event are presented from a live stage in London and our professional camera crew will be filming the on stage action with a focus on people not powerpoints. 

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75% presentations are live in front of a real conference audience. The platform we are using to host the live digital event is Hopin and this allows us to offer far more than live streaming of world class presentations.

Delegate networking, interaction with speakers, submitting questions and making new connections are all possible within the platform to delegates visiting Inbox Expo digital edition.

Our group sessions allow thousands of delegates to view a virtual panel discussion and the platform facilitates the ability to engage directly in some workshops.

Networking functionality includes unmoderated group breakouts, random speed-networking and of course the ability to target and request 1 to 1 break out time with other delegates.

Whilst we do not recommend it as the features and functionalities are limited for mobile and tablet it is possible to view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo Exhibitors, chat, and use some the Networking features of the event from your mobile or tablet.

All the content will be made available via a private YouTube channel for playback at the end of each session, or at the end of the day in the case of a back to back recording of multiple sessions.

The delegate only member forums will provide links and instructions for anyone wanting to access the playbacks or discuss them with others.

Whilst there is nothing stopping you from streaming our content on a big screen in your office for employee’s in fact we would encourage it, we also ask that you purchase a corporate license if you plan to do so. This will provide you with 5 x memberships on the member only delegate site for your staff. We have other plans available as well for bigger business.

You have the opportunity to network with other delegates and speakers in a number of ways. You can initiate a private video chat with another delegate by requesting a private chat, others can request the same of you, and this all happens on the platform without exchanging any details. The other opportunity for networking is our speed-networking sessions where delegates enter a chatroulette style one-on-one networking.

No matter how the networking session is started by you or another, whether your meeting was by design or chance, once the conversation is complete both participants are offered the opportunity to click ‘connect’. Only if both participants agree are contact details shared. You can watch a video demo here.

The events will run through your browser so will function fine on hardware running 4GB Ram The full functionality is only available with Desktop (web) on Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari

Other independent browsers that accept webRTC technology may be compatible.

Explorer/Edge is not compatible.

Each exhibitor booth is made up of a video (can be live or pre recorded depending on the exhibitor, most will be pre-recorded demo’s), a little info about the exhibitor and a unique offer for delegates. Booth chats are available and with a single click you can share your details with the exhibitor if you would like to avail of their offer or digital swag and want them to follow up with you. The digital equivalent of having your badge swiped. 


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