Email Marketing Conference & Expo

Inbox Expo '23

Expo & Conference Feb 27, 28 & March 1

Pre-Event Networking Sunday February 26th


Winter 2023, our biggest ever with 200 in-person Delegates. The theme is "COMMUNITY".

A singular focus on the inbox both email and social. Whilst email dominates the conversation, we will visit other inboxes including messaging on Facebook, SMS, and Whatsapp. 


Those in the know attend Inbox Expo. Already widely considered a leading event in the messaging space. In fact many seasoned professionals have described it as the best event in the industry to date.

Delegates join us from across the world including Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. A community of senior executives and upcoming rockstars offering a safe space to develop your professional network, enhance your career opportunities and create more profitable collaborations.

3 days of content (plus an optional pre-event networking day) with ample time for connecting with old colleagues and new throughout. 

community of experts

Always be learning. There have only been 3 Inbox Expo events since our launch in March 2020, only two of them in-person. Whilst we are a growing community we are still very new, growing and welcoming of new members.

We are careful to manage an organic growth and purposefully limit our numbers and work hard to ensure a diverse representation across types of org and professionals that attend.


We will bring a blend of world leading influencers and pioneering experts fresh to the scene.

Our speakers join us from across the globe. Preview the speakers & presenters from Summer 2022 here.

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Is a significant focus of your work or revenue derived from email? Then yes. Brand Side Marketer or ESP Delivery Manager. We host content others often will not.

Some of the job titles of those attending include; Chief Marketing Officer, CRM Manager, Head of CRM, Head of Email, Head of Messaging, Deliverability Director, Deliverability Manager, Postmaster, Head of Compliance, Chief Product Officer, Founder, Email Developer, Head of Email, Senior Product Owner, Consultant, Owner, Email Developer, Email Designer, Deliverability Consultant.

We have content that covers the entire spectrum from marketing strategy, copywriting, testing through delivery, deliverability, authentication and security.

3 Day Access Everything Pass:
Access All content Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

1 Day Workshops Pass:
Includes Certification (February 27 only)

2 Day Main Sessions Pass:
Access all sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 28th & March 1st)

Company Access Everything Pass:
 various (6, 10 or 14 people)

Upgrades Available

All Inclusive Packages
: includes 3 or 4 nights accommodation and breakfast

Sunday Leisure Activities: upgrade for yourself or yourself and your partner to access Sundays activities

Expo Night Out: supplement charged

Plus 1 Supplement: this allows you to bring your partner or friend to lunches and other social activities that are included with your ticket.

We recommend you take an all inclusive package whilst they are available. These half board rates include a room at the venue hotel, a full buffet breakfast and meals at the event.

Whilst the weather will be pleasant it still counts as officially being Winter and out of season so there will be plenty of options locally at a good rate if you prefer to book independently. 


Sunday offers optional activities prior to the start of the event. We encourage delegates and speakers to bring family, friends, partners to the event and this is as much an opportunity for them to connect pre-conference as it is for delegates to get to know each other ahead of the event.

We have a day of extra-curricular socialising planned for the 26th and your welcome to bring along friends, partners and family. Access incurs a surcharge.

We have a series of intensive masterclass style training sessions typically lasting 2 to 3 hours in duration. These cover technical and marketing focused topics.

All intermediate and advanced emailexpert certification requires attendance on February 27th.

We additionally have our welcome drinks in the evening open to all the delegates even those with access to only the content on 28th of February and March 1st.

Brands that have attended in person in Valencia include: Puma, Namecheap, Notino, Hilton International, Colossus Bets, The OECD,, Hagloffs, MacPaw, PowToon, Udemy, AudioBene, Housfy, KiloHealth, AzerSun,, Framer, RAC, Deloitte and others large and small across many verticals.

ESPs that attend include: MailKit, MessageBird, Spotler, DotDigital, Pure360, FlowMailer, SmartEmailing, GetResponse, ExpertSender, Squeezely, MessageBird, SMTP2Go, Blastable,, Omnivery, Inbox Suite, NP6 and others.

Agencies including Cordial, Phrasee,  Alchemy Worx, Holistic Email, 100% Email, The Value Factory, Demalia, Digital Response and over a dozen others are known to attend. 

Blocklists that attend in person include: Abusix, Spamhaus, SURBL

MTA’s known to attend in person include: PowerMTA, MessageSystems, Halon MTA, GreenArrow MTA

It is true. Inbox Expo supports a family first environment.

Friends, partners, significant others are welcome to join social activities such as lunch as a plus one ( a surcharge is applicable).

Our younger ‘guest delegates’ have been babes in arms, toddlers, as well as junior and senior school  students.

This means if you arrange a plus 1 access for a friend, partner, support carer they are welcome to bring up to 2 children under 14 for lunch with them (ask about contributions for older children). We understand that extended time away from mum and dad or another primary caregiver can be stressful. Which is why we not only support this, but we advocate and encourage you to have your children pop in for a few mins at lunch to see you. 

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