Many things to many people, always 100% #EmailGeek goodness!

1. An email industry conference & expo bringing together email marketers, email designers, email engineers, antispam & business leaders to discuss the future of email.


2. A learning opportunity for those entering the industry and established experts. Email communications is an incredibly effective way to reach your customers when you are able to deliver the right message and at the right time. However, email marketing is a skill that needs to be learned and being an email geek is a constant learning experience keep up to date with the latest changes and innovations.


3. Recognition of the investment email geeks make to the industry and keeping their skills current recognised through emailexpert verifiable Certification. Inbox Expo provides verificable certification that can be shared on Linkedin for speakers and delegates. As email marketing continues to grow and become an increasingly important part of any businesses marketing strategy, the need for email marketing specialists who are familiar with the latest email marketing technologies and techniques is becoming increasingly important, ensure your commitment to ongoing learning and your skills are recognised and acknowledged. This ensure you are able to illustrate the skills and knowledge gained  to your network and serves as official certification of your investment to ongoing learning.

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