1. All presentations must be professional in nature, free of promotional activity, politics and religion, and must adhere to the conference theme of ‘community’.
  2. Presentations must be kept within the allotted time frame and the presenter must be available for questions afterwards.
  3. Presenters must provide a copy of their presentation slides to the conference organiser at least 10 days before the event.
  4. Presenters must provide a brief biography and headshot for promotional purposes and understand that their image and likeness may be used by emailexpert in promotional and marketing activities.
  5. Presenters must arrive at least 60 minutes prior to the start of their presentation and make best attempts to be available for any testing requested.
  6. Presenters must be dressed in attire that is appropriate for a casual business environment and free from political or religious slogans.
  7. Presenters must bring a copy of their presentation on the day on an external USB device and must provide their presentation in PowerPoint format. Any embedded videos must be tested to ensure the slides work correctly on site.
  8. Presenters may provide handouts or materials to attendees to support the presentation, however they must advise the organisers in advance of what they plan to distribute.
  9. Presenters must inform the conference organiser if they need any special accommodations or have any special requirements.
  10. Presenters must adhere to all copyright laws and are responsible for the content of their presentation. Presenters must not plagiarise or use any copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.
  11. Presentations may be recorded and made available online after the event and all presenters must agree that emailexpert has the irrevocable permission to share the content.
  12. Presenters are encouraged to use the conference logo and branding in their presentations and are asked to use our slide deck templates.
  13. Presenters must not distribute any promotional materials at the conference without prior permission and must not solicit business or sales from the conference stage.
  14. Presenters must use respectful language when discussing issues of race, religion, sexuality, disability and other sensitive topics and must not use any offensive language in their presentation.
  15. Presenters must respect the opinions of other presenters and audience members and must ensure their presentation is appropriate and accessible for the audience.
  16. Presenters must not engage in any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate or offensive by the organisers and must abide by our Delegate Code of Conduct at all times.
  17. Presenters should make best efforts to promote their participation before and after the event across social media.
  18. In case of any issues, problems, or dissatisfaction, the speakers should approach organisers at the earliest time to try and resolve any matters that might arise.

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