Virtual Expo Booth at Inbox Expo

Do you have an email centric product or service that you would like to showcase to our digital delegates?

We can provide you the opportunity to capture leads from our delegates who are specifically interested in your product, service or agency offering.

We are responsible for setting up vendor booths at the event. So you don’t have to do anything. We just need to be provided a copy of your demo or promotional video, the offer you want to extend delegates and a few other pertinent details. We will handle everything. 

Your booth is promoted throughout the event and visitors are able to enter view your promo video, and your event offer. At a click of the button they have ‘virtually’ swiped their digital delegate badge and you will be passed their details so you can follow up.

We comfortable predict hundreds of visits to visitor booths over the 3 days of the conference and additional leads generated in the subsequent 3 to 6 months as a result of inquiries from the members only delegate site

There are the customisation options covered below.

You can customise almost everything, including the:

  • Tagline, description, logos, and image. You can change any of these pieces of your booth.
  • Event offer. Include a special offer in your booth, such as a percentage off of a product, a coupon code, a giveaway, or whatever you’d like. This is a text-only field.
  • Video: pre-recorded. The video in your booth should be pre-recorded as a YouTube video, Vimeo video, or Wistia video.
    (PREMIUM SPONSORS: It can be a live session where you or your team can be on live camera with delegates, similar to a Zoom call. Up to 10 people can be on camera.
  • CTA button. The green button can be customised in two ways. The first is the Register Interest option — the vendor will receive an email that contains the attendee’s contact information. The second option is linking to any webpage. This can be a PDF download, calendar link, ecommerce link, or even a link to another part of the Inbox Expo event (i.e., a breakout session). It’s up to you. If you do choose the “Link to webpage” option, then we will change the button text accordingly.

How do I enter my vendor booth Inbox Expo?

When it’s time for the event, head to the registration page five minutes before the event starts. Click Enter Event.

To enter your booth, click Expo on the lefthand side and find your booth. Click it to enter. 

If it’s a pre-recorded video, then your job is easy. Just man the Booth chat.
TIP: Use the Event chat to invite people to your booth.
There you go! That’s how you enter and run your vendor booth at Inbox Expo. 

Let us know if you have any questions or interested in securing a booth!


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