There has been much discussion and speculation around the new covid variant causing some alarm around the world. The media has been adrift with scary headlines, whilst we appreciatte there is reason for concern taking on board the advice of medical professionals, WHO and others we are advised nothing should be cancelled.

With caution top of mind we are taking a number of additional measures to mitigate the chance of spread of any infection at our event. These include greater physical space, smaller number of delegates and a host of enhanced safety features and recommendations.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide additional information on a rolling basis, please follow us on twitter @InboxExpo and turn alerts on.

Paid Delegates & Refunds

In light of the fact the current advice is to continue, and that we have already paid our vendors we are 100% committed to the physical in-person event. That said we completely respect some of our delegates may have their own valid concerns around travel and attending an event of this nature.

Any delegate unable to travel due to Covid restrictions can have the value of their purchase transferred to any future emailexpert event in 2022/23. Please advise if you are unable to make it at your earliest possible convenience.

Thinking about buying a ticket?

If you are in two minds about purchasing a ticket, we really do need the support – we will offer a 2 for 1 replacement for tickets purchased from November 29th 2021 where the delegate has to cancel at the last moment.

If you buy a ticket and are unable to make it due to escalation of the Covid situation, we will credit you with TWO passes for a future event,

Hand Sanitiser

All delegates will be provided with hand sanitiser gel at no charge. You should use this on a regular basis. Additional hand sanitiser is available throughout the venue.

Face Masks

These have always been a requirement indoors. We are however now recommending KN95 masks are worn by delegates. Worn properly they provide a degree of protection for the wearer.

All delegates and staff must wear face masks at all times indoors or in crowded environments.

Disposable Gloves

Delegates will be provided disposable gloves. However if you have PVC/Latex or similar allergies you are advised to bring your own. You are not required to wear these but they do offer an additional degree of protection.

Temperature Checks

We will be manually checking delegate temperatures on a daily basis on arrival. Those with a fever or any symptoms should not attend.

Vaccine Recommendations

We strongly advise all our delegates, speakers and staff are double vaccinated and boosted where available.

Covid Passport Checks

All delegates will need to present their Covid ‘Passports’ (EU) or Proof of Vaccination (US/International).
British and Internationals MUST be double vaccinated as a requirement to enter Spain.

Please keep abreast of developments in Spain here:

Extended Personal Space

Everyone gets a desk! Yes you read that right. No theatre seating. One person one work table, traditionally seating two to three individuals in a conference setup. You will have ample space to set yourself up for the day. This ensures you are able to maintain a physical distance of 1.5metres or more throughout the presentations..

Do not share lifts/elevators

Wait for the next lift, be comfortable advising others you are not comfortable sharing. As a rule Spanish residents will not even attempt to share a lift, those from overseas may not be aware of this unwritten local rule. Do not attempt to board an already occupied lift.

Enhanced Cleaning

In addition to enhanced Covid Safe protocols implemented by the venue, 70% Alcohol is used to wipe down all delegate surfaces on. a regular basis.

Enhanced Ventilation

Barring inclement weather conditions the venue will operate open door policies to ensure significant ventilation in all areas. There are a number of large doors and windows throughout the function areas and this will allow us to create a constant flow of fresh air throughout.

Hybrid Sessions

We have to accept that some speakers may not be able to attend and working hard now to deliver some panel discussions /presentation in a hybrid format from a remote location if necessary.


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