An email summit bringing together some of the brightest and the best in email from across the planet and making that content accessible to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. A whole new concept in conference, summit, expo and un-conference. From the outset we have been striving to be more diverse, more accessible and more inclusive than your traditional martech and marcom events.

 We are looking to provide a platform to voice a diverse range of opinions from a diverse range of people. Packed with quality content, we have multiple tracks, workshops, seminars, panel discussions with both technical and marketing topics covered.

At every step of planning and execution we have been listening to what our network has been telling us what they want, prospective delegates and speakers, vendors, agencies and consultants. We have done the best we can to deliver this. A pure #email conference not focused on any one vertical, nor dominated by any single vendor. The widest possible selection of the very best speakers. Our initial vision of a purely digital event captured the imagination of many but demand and technical reasons led us to organise a one day conference in London. Which became a conference and after party, which turned into a 2 day conference and networking reception. We took the concept of unConference to its limit.

So the event now spans 3 days and whilst the first two days of sessions and content will be delivered from our main stage in central London, you can attend from anywhere as the event will be streamed online. The conference is primarily online, it is digital first. We do not simply stream as an afterthought, nor is this simply a series of webinars. This will be a complete digital expo, conference, summit and un-conference in one. Some of our best content and speakers will join us from across the globe. India, South Africa, Europe and North America and more speakers confirming.

The online event includes a digital expo/virtual booth with over 40 exhibitors expected to be there. These digital exhibition booths allow vendors to showcase a video or live stream, conduct live chats with visitors, provide digital #swag, discount codes and with a single click visitors can exchange details with a vendor. We hope to have as many as 60 exhibitors for the anticipated digital delegates to review.

One-to-one networking online will be facilitated through a series of breakout sessions where attendee’s can go live in private with other attendee’s.

Multiple tracks over multiple days ensures there is value for everyone across the email spectrum with all specialties from design to marketing, accessibility, deliverability and authentication right through to security, privacy and compliance being covered.

The digital format ensures those with many types of physical impairment will have no issue attending. We know we are not truly 100% accessible but we are trying hard to help overcome barriers. The online cloud based approach provides many with anxiety disorders a more conducive approach to networking. Our un-Conference approach allowing visitors to lurk as they like or be as active a participant as they care to be relieves much of the associated pressure and stress many associate with big summits and conferences.

Some reasons people have never or rarely attend traditional summits and conferences:
– I cannot travel due to family or physical or other constraints
– I cannot travel as it is too difficult to get a visa
– I am concerned about venue and hotel accessibility due to a disability
– I get anxious in big crowds, open spaces, new places….
– I cannot afford all the costs involved in getting to and attending a conference or summit
– I cannot afford to take the time off work/school/life to go to a summit
– I do not find the speakers representative of me or my situation

Our digital summit aims to overcome these issues for as many people as possible. We wanted to do this whilst still retaining the core benefits of attending traditional conferences:
– Great content and take-aways from famous speakers
– Access to new ideas and concepts explored by upcoming email thought leaders
– Access to in depth workshops where you can work through specific issues
– Opportunity to discover and meet new and innovative vendors in the space
– Opportunity to network with other attendees
– Opportunity for ‘corridor’ private one to ones
– Collect #swag and benefits from industry vendors
– Connect with new professionals in your industry

If you can attend in London then purchase your tickets here. Otherwise you can purchase digital delegate passes here.


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