Speaking Live 2023

Yes we are accepting speaker submissions at this time for all our events, especially the Winter Edition of Inbox Expo 2023. Submit your proposal here: https://inboxexpo.com/speaker-submission/

We work with speakers in any number of ways to ensure that their attendance is proves valuable to them and provides a return on their investment of time and resources. 

We generally cover the accommodation expenses of 6 speakers per event. These are offered based on a number of factors including making the event accessible or visible to a wider audience. We are extremely limited in how much support we can offer and the number of individuals that can be supported in this way. 

Vendors are always expected to make some contribution to their attendance.

We can offer free entry to Influencers, Agencies and Consultants who are able to find sponsors or drive ticket sales, on occasion profit share is offered.

Free entry, comps and on occasion accommodation or other benefits may be made available to first time brand side attendee’s in exchange for committing to attending sponsor dinners and other activities during their stay. 

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