Migrating your ESP platform from PowerMTA

We love a good case study here at Inbox Expo, especially when we cover topics for the first time or topics others do not. So we are really excited about this “MTA Migration Case Study” we’ll talk about the migration of the Mailkit ESP from PowerMTA infrastructure to Halon MTA.

Migrating email infrastructure can be an extremely challenging task, especially when many factors are involved and this situation is only exacerbated when email is the core element of your business. Hell it can be a daunting task just changing mailbox provider. The issues involved for a commercial Email Service Provider to engage in changing the very architecture behind their service involves infinitely more risk and potential for issues.

Migrating email infrastructure can be both expensive and risky. There needs to be real potential rewards for engaging in such a project and any such project needs to be incredibly well planned. Migrating email infrastructure requires careful planning and the assistance of expert partners. The issues involved for a commercial Email Migration are numerous including: time, cost, impact to resources, impact to the business, and the list goes on. With the vast issues involved for a commercial email migration, a significant amount of time, money and planning must be allocated to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Martin Schwill, Senior Deliverability Manager at Mailkit and Fredrik Poller from Halon MTA will be presenting this case study packed with take-aways for anyone considering an MTA switch regardless of commercial/open source or otherwise.

Learn what is involved in the planning and roll out of an ESP Migration Platform, some of the pitfalls and lessons learned in the process.

This session will be available in person in Valencia as part of Inbox Expo being held August 22-24, 2022. Unable to make it in person? The event is hybrid and streamed everywhere. Paid ticket holders can view this session live or on demand. A question and answer forum is available after the session. Participants will also be available on a Delivery Open Round Table which is not streamed and only available to in-person delegates.


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