Are you looking to make it to the in-person Valencia Inbox Expo and wondering how you can save yourself on the costs?

There are three primary costs associated with attending the event: flights, hotel and tickets. You can save on all elements by booking early. Some tips below for each aspect. If you want specific recommendations please do just reach out hello@

Save on hotels

Our first recommendation is stay somewhere other than the venue hotel. You will have most of the benefits f the venue without having to pay the massive premium that comes with being the only 5 Star Hotel on the beach in the city.

This will save you significantly. The boutique hotels located on the beach offer stunning sea view rooms and suites and for less than 150e a night when booked early. These hotels will take you less than a few minutes to walk to the venue itself. Even as event organisers we are unlikely to be in a position to stay at the venue hotel.

Save on tickets

Volunteer to help out with ticketing, welcoming delegates or pointing delegates in the right direction at different points in the event. We are always looking for additional support and help and we can reward you with massive discounts.

Blog about us and your attending and again we can offer you a massively discounted ticket alongside a 15% discount code for your readers.

Have a mailing list or engaged network of email geeks and senior email marketers? We can provide you a discount code for promoting the event and a free pass for generating referrals.

Save on Flights

The only advice we have here is book early. Use Google to search for flights and check for cheaper connections or flights arriving early or leaving later sometimes attract big big savings.


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