Event Accessibility Improvements and AI

At Inbox Expo we are committed to improving the accessibility of our events and are working hard in 2021 to try and make this a reality. A more accessible marketing website (inboxexpo.com) was created. however we understand the real value comes at the event itself.

What we would like to provide is limited by our resources. However we have made huge strides to making the event more accessible and with the help of AI we are again able to punch above our weight.

Hopin our event platform of choice have similarly been working hard to make their platform more accessible, focusing on those with visual impairment as an incredibly important first step.

With the support of Otter.ai we plan to provide delegates a live transcription service too! We have selected Otter.ai to deliver for the first time a new AI-enriched live event experience.

The solution providing us automatic transcription of all sessions in the Otter Voice Meeting Notes app in real time and a searchable archive of all the audio transcripts immediately after the event.

All delegates will be provided a voucher code for a free 30 day account with Otter.ai to enable to access the live transcription of sessions by invitation.

Better Screen reader Support

Hopin have similarly moved forward and some of the accessibility glitches in terms of screen readers have been improved.

  1. Screen readers are now able to read “users online X” in our event so everyone can know how many people are at your event.
  2. There are now header titles in the tabs for Stage, Sessions, and video pages. See screenshot below. This specificity improves the communication to all users of what content is happening in these areas.

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