emailexpert Certification

Inbox Expo is proud to be able to now provide all our delegates official Records of Attendance, as well as Certification in a number of subjects and disciplines.

Our certificates are fully integrated with the Linkedin system so right from within your profile you can see your certification including credential ID and link to full third party verification. This adds both Authority and Credibility to your professional profile.

They can be viewed in full on a trusted third party portal

2021 Certificates Being Issued

The following certificates are being issued this year. Unless otherwise described all certificates are issued within 28 days of the event and are valid for 12 months.

  • Basic Certificate of Attendance – Never Expires/Available to All
  • The Fundamentals of BIMI
  • The Essential Fundamentals of Deliverability
  • Sustainable Email Marketing Fundamentals – Never Expires
  • Certified Public Speaker – 2021 speakers, panelists and presenters only
  • Brazilian Privacy Fundamentals (LGPD) – in partnership with Validity
  • Fundamentals of Advanced Email Marketing Strategy- LTS

Independent Verification

Your clients and partners will be able to verify your certification any time from our secure online portal in partnership with Sertifier. Check Out the License Validation Center here.

Highlighted 2020 Awardees

emailexpert Certification is considered a source of pride for many.

Many leaders in the space display their emailexpert certification on their profile. You can get yours at Inbox Expo. Have a look at how the certificates look on Linkedin below.

Lauren Meyer
Deliverability geek. Digital marketing advocate. Pizza lover.

Robert Morris University
Robert Morris University
Degree Name BSField Of Study Communications
Dates attended or expected graduation1999 – 2003

Licenses & certifications
Certified Public Speaker
Issuing authority emailexpert

Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or license
Issued Jan 2021Expires Jan 2022

Credential Identifier
Credential ID 206851313572

See credential

Lauren Meyer

Alice Cornell

Tali Hasanov

Jennifer Nespola Lantz

Tejas Pitkar
Product marketing and Growth at Netcore Solutions | Content creator | Product Evangelist | Speaker


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Tejas Pitkar

Tejas Pitkar
 1st degree connection1st
Tejas has a account
Product marketing and Growth at Netcore Solutions | Content creator | Product Evangelist | Speaker
Thane, Maharashtra, India  379 connections  Contact info

Netcore Solutions

QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
Swapnesh Patra
Sandeep Saxena
82 mutual connections
You and Tejas both know Swapnesh Patra, Sandeep Saxena, and 80 others

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Probono consulting and volunteering.
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"When an IT engineer slipped by accident into the world of email marketing. And he never looked back again..."
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Being stoic in nature helps. We have no external control, so there is no need to waste time, energy on it. Focus on being present.
Tejas commented

Tejas commented
Go-getter award 2020
Thanks Raghav!
Tejas replied to a comment
Go-getter award 2020
Thanks, Jeanne Jennings for all your support and kindness. ????
Tejas replied to a comment
See all activity
See all activity
Netcore Solutions
Company NameNetcore Solutions
Total Duration3 yrs 11 mos
TitleProduct Marketing and Growth
Dates EmployedMar 2020 – Present
Employment Duration1 yr
LocationThane, Maharashtra, India
- Website lead generation, signups, etc.
- Write thought leadership content and maintain Industry relations
- Write industry benchmark reports:
survey insight reports:
- Copywriting for emails,website copy, case studies, etc.
- Product evangelism
TitleDeliverability Engineer
Dates EmployedApr 2017 – Mar 2020
Employment Duration3 yrs
LocationThane city, India
* Monitor Transition of mails from App servers to PMTA/Postfix to eventual ISP servers.

* Work on Linux based servers and configure Mail Transfer Agents to deliver mails across PMTAs.

* Solve complex automation and spam issues.

* Inboxing of mails of ISP and corporate domains for clients.

* Scaling upon Email volumes of the user base for the client marketing campaigns.

* Routing, domain pointing, Enabling DKIM and SPF , DMARC.

* Enabling DNS settings for onboarding clients.

* Ensuring that the client follows Email authentication methods like DKIM, DMARC, SPF strictly.

* Working on scaling up of infrastructure like shared domains.

* Reviving poor-performing domain infrastructure and optimizing performance for high mailing volumes.

* Suggesting promotional strategies for top brands for increasing their ROI and engagement from Email campaigns.

* Warming up fresh IPs and using them to boost email delivery for recipients.

* Analyze the engagement metrics and strategize client data to acquire more ROI for promotional marketing campaigns.

* Write and publish content featuring blogs and videos for topics involving Email Deliverability on the company website.

* Evangelism of the product through videos and blog content. (Email Tlak - Youtube channel)

* Writing Thought leadership blogs to establish authority over Deliverability Expertise.

* Connecting with Influencers and Industry leaders to collaborate and exchange thoughts on evolving trends in the Email Marketing industry.
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Able computing
I.T./ Network Engineer
Company NameAble computing
Dates EmployedJul 2016 – Nov 2016
Employment Duration5 mos
LocationBrisbane, Australia

- Talking to customers effectively, finding the exact fault description.
- Working independently and proactively on solving issues as they appear, as well as working together on group tasks collaboratively.
- Creating summary reports on testing and other network related issues.
- Doing sales and communicating confidently about the products to the customers.


- Troubleshooting issues with LAN switches and firewalls.
- Providing network security from various network attacks.
- Troubleshooting bandwidth issues.
- Communicating effectively with foreign customers and understanding their core requirements.
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QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
QUT (Queensland University of Technology)
Degree NameMasters in I.T.Field Of StudyI.T.
Dates attended or expected graduation2014 – 2016

Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology
Degree NameMasters in I.T.Field Of StudyInformation Technology
Dates attended or expected graduation2014 – 2016

Activities and Societies: Code Network
Degree NameBachelor of Engineering (B.E.) I.T.Field Of StudyInformation TechnologyGradeFirst class
Dates attended or expected graduation2009 – 2013

Show 1 more education 
Licenses & certifications
The complete copywriting course: Write to sell like a Pro
Issuing authorityUdemy

Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued Dec 2020No Expiration Date

Credential IdentifierCredential ID UC-e62147e3-82b1-4f4b-ba9e-c850085551d7

See credential
Certified Public Speaker
Issuing authorityemailexpert

Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued Jan 2021Expires Jan 2022

Credential IdentifierCredential ID 046382861131

See credential
HubSpot Academy
Email Marketing
Issuing authorityHubSpot Academy

Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued Sep 2019Expires Sep 2021

Credential IdentifierCredential ID c311befee34d4028b4b993727b3d34d0

Tejas Pitkar

Requirements: Certificate of Attendance

To qualify for this Certificate you will have to:

  • Complete your profile in full and accurately on Hopin including uploading a profile pic. Your real name and employer is needed to be able to issue a certificate.
  • Attend the event for a minimum of two out of the 4 scheduled days.
  • To qualify as having attended on each day you will need to be present for a minimum of 120 minutes (on each day).
  • Over the course of the event you must visit every expo booth.
  • You must engage and interact at the event, meaning a minimum of 12 messages exchanged over the course of the event. Chat and comments in any area is include.

Requirements: All Other Certificates

All other certificates will require you to watch live (or on demand after the event) content and presentations related to your topic.

If there is a workshop related the certification then you must attend that live. The Fundamentals of Advanced Email Marketing Strategy- LTS requires attendance at the Jenna Tiffany Workshop on the 24th which is is 5 hours long and requires a premium payment.

In addition to taking part in the required sessions you will be asked to complete an online test to qualify for your certificate.

More details will be published shortly. Lock in your VIP/All Access Pass to qualify for certification.

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