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2023 Certificates Being Issued

The following certificates are being issued in 2023 for those attending in person in Valencia. Details about online certification will be available in due course. 

Unless otherwise described all certificates are valid for 12 months.
Online testing takes place in a controlled environment on site in Valencia unless by prior arrangement.


Certified workshops and lectures subject to final confirmation. All have limited availability. Check for availability if you need a guaranteed place for any workshop/lecture/breakout before purchasing a ticket. Some sessions will be over – subscribed quickly.


  1. General Certificate of Attendance
    This requires you attend at least 2 workshops and 50% of main stage sessions across all 3 days.
    Never Expires/Available to All


  2. Breakout Specific Certificate of Attendance:
    We will issue a certified record of attendance for each breakout you attend in full.
  3. Advanced Email Marketing Strategies: TBC
    certification will senior professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to develop effective and successful email campaigns, understand the metrics associated with email campaigns, and create targeted messaging that resonates with their target audience.
  4. Fundamentals of  Email Automation:
    By attending the “Fundamentals of Email Automation” workshop, you will learn the basics of email automation and how to use it to improve your marketing efforts.

    You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of email automation, including how to set up and use automation tools, how to create effective automation strategies, how to develop and manage email campaigns, and how to measure the effectiveness of your automation campaigns. By being a “Certified Emailexpert: Marketing Automation Fundamentals” from emailexpert, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of email automation and its best practices. You will also be able to demonstrate your expertise in these areas to employers and customers.

    You will receive a certificate of completion from “emailexpert” that will certify your knowledge of email automation fundamentals.

    This requires you attend a 60 minute training session and complete a 30 question multiple choice test and score 80% or more.


  5. 101 of Email Deliverability in a Multi-Tenant Environment:
    certification will provide senior professionals with the fundamental factors that an ESP or SaaS platform needs to consider in respect of deliverability and reputation management.
    This requires you attend a 1 hour training session and complete a 20 question multiple choice test and score 80% or more.


  6. Fundamentals of Deliverability Troubleshooting:
    Identify and troubleshoot deliverability issues with email campaigns. 
    This requires you attend a 2 hour training session and complete a 25 question multiple choice test and score 80% or more.


  7. Fundamentals of SPF Records for Marketers:
    Delivered in Association with DMARC Advisor. By attending theFundamentals of SPF Records for Marketers lecture, you will learn the fundamentals of setting up SPF records and what you need to consider when creating them. You will gain a better understanding of the components of a SPF record, and how to set up the record in such a way that it is secure and effective.

    Further, you will learn the common challenges marketers face with SPF records, such as how to maintain accuracy and avoid common mistakes like too many lookups.

    By taking theAuthentication: Advanced SPF for Marketers course from emailexpert and DMARC Advisor, you will gain an indepth understanding of SPF records and how to use them to protect your brand and increase email deliverability. You will learn how to analyze your SPF records.

    Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the impact of SPF records on email delivery. Finally, you will learn best practices for setting up and maintaining SPF records.

    This requires you attend a 45 minute training session and complete a 20 question multiple choice test and score 80% or more.

  8. BIMI Professionals Certification:
    Delivered in Association with Red Sift. The BIMI Professionals Certification workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge to become a certified BIMI Professional. You will learn the fundamentals of BIMI (Business Intelligence and Machine Intelligence) and the technologies that make it possible. You will gain an understanding of how BIMI can be used to improve business processes, create more efficient workflows, and increase the accuracy of data-driven decisions. You will also gain insight into the time, effort and skills required to design, implement, and manage BIMI solutions. By becoming a Certified BIMI Professional from emailexpert and Red Sift, you will gain a fundamental understanding of what is involved to create, design, and deploy BIMI solutions on an enterprise scale.
    This requires you attend a 40 minute training session and complete a 15 question multiple choice test and score 80% or more.


  9. Fundamentals of GDPR for Email Marketers 
    This requires you attend the GDPR keynote and a 40 minute lecture. Then sit the online multiple choice test of 40 questions and score 80% or more.

  10. Certified Public Speaker
    Awarded at our discretion to those presenting in person or online.

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