Email Industries Acquires Leading International Email Marketing Conference, Inbox Expo

Augusta, GA –  Email Industries, a leading US-based email marketing solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Inbox Expo, the highly successful international email marketing conference, founded by Emailexpert, the UK’s premier professional community for email industry professionals. The deal was signed in Valencia, Spain.

Inbox Expo has become one of the most highly regarded events in the email marketing industry, attracting a global audience of marketers, entrepreneurs, and solutions providers. The event has been enabled by impactful sponsors such as SparkPost (now MessageBird), Netcore, and Red Sift. The conference provides a platform for industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in email marketing while offering unparalleled networking opportunities for attendees. Prior speakers have included email marketing experts such as LoriBeth Blair, Kath Pay, and Alice Cornell.

“We are incredibly proud of the success and impact that Inbox Expo has had within the email marketing community,” said Nely Bonar, Managing Director for Emailexpert. “We are confident that Email Industries will continue to build on this strong foundation and take the conference to even greater heights.”

Long-time sponsors of Inbox Expo, Email Industries has a reputation for providing innovative email deliverability solutions and services, with products such as Alfred, an all-in-one email threat detection and email validation service. Email Industries has over 20 years of experience helping the world’s best brands to hit the inbox, making them the ideal candidates to take over the organization and management of Inbox Expo. The acquisition further solidifies Email Industries’ commitment to the growth and development of the email marketing sector and the Inbox Expo conference series. 

Scott Hardigree, founder of Email Industries, said, “We are thrilled to be taking the reins of Inbox Expo and have exciting plans for its future. We will continue to build on the strong foundation that Nely and Andrew Bonar have built to provide the email marketing community with the high-quality content, expert knowledge, and networking opportunities that have made Inbox Expo such a valuable resource.”

Attendees of future Inbox Expo events can expect the same high quality they have come to know and love while benefiting from the additional resources and expertise that Email Industries brings.


About Inbox Expo

Founded in 2019, Inbox Expo is an email marketing and deliverability conference that brings together email marketers, entrepreneurs, and email service providers from around the world to share their knowledge, expertise, and best practices in email marketing. The conference provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest trends and strategies in email marketing, network with industry experts and peers, and discover new tools and technologies to improve their email campaigns. 

About Email Industries

Email Industries is a US-based email deliverability services provider offering innovative products and services aimed at helping businesses optimize their email marketing efforts. With a commitment to client success and a focus on staying ahead of the latest industry trends, Email Industries has become a trusted partner for businesses around the world. Learn more at

About Emailexpert

Emailexpert is a UK-based professional community dedicated to email professionals and industry resources, think tank, and lobbying organizations. With a focus on creating connections and fostering growth within the email marketing sector, Emailexpert has established itself as a respected and influential player in the industry. 


Press Contact:
Magda Klimko-Aydin
Head of Growth, Email Industries


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