Like many others we were devastated to hear about the two major earthquakes that hit the southeast region of Türkiye and Syria on February 6th.  

Emailexpert has already made a donation to AHBAP and is looking to make additional donations to AHBAP and the International Red Crescent Society. With that in mind we are donating up to 500 euro from each last minute ticket sold towards helping those in Turkey and Syria. Use the discount code TURKEY20 for a twenty percent discount, and still see 400 euro donated directly to aid the earthquake relief efforts. Final tickets available here:

Research and rescue teams are still putting a lot of effort into saving the lives of so many, finally aid is being transferred to the region, but still over 13.5 million people affected by the disaster are trying to survive in difficult winter conditions.  

Any donation, no matter how small, will help provide much-needed aid to those affected. If you would like to contribute to the fundraising efforts, here are some links for several non-governmental organisations:

AHBAP: A local NGO with over 30 thousand members actively supporting people and regions.

Donation Link to AHBAP
AKUT: Search and Rescue Association is a Turkish non-governmental organisation for disaster search and rescue relief.
Donation Link to AKUT
AFAD: Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.
Donation Link to AFAD
Turkish Earthquake Relief Fund
Donation Link to Turkish Earthquake Relief Fund
You can also donate to the Red Cross/Red Crescent society who are raising funds to help both countries here:

Thank you for your support and keeping Turkey and Syria in your thoughts in these difficult times.

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