We have introduced an affiliate program because we know this is the most effective way to get the word out.

No new applications are being accepted. it is by invite only.

If your invite directed you here please reply to that email to get your new tracking links.

The fact you are visiting this page means there will be many in your network who will be equally interested in Inbox Expo and you can earn over $100 per referred delegate in the final week of ticket sales and in excess of $56 per ticket in the lead-up.

We are selling tickets every day, start promoting the event to your network and earn too.

Our top tier 50% profit share is easily accessible, simple exceed 15 ticket sales.

Once you register as an affiliate please allow us 24 hours to approve your application. Once approved in the member area you will have access to trackable links, unique voucher codes and suggested Tweets and Social Media posts for you to share so you can start earning.

Payout Locations

Payments are made by TransferWise only and the current locations we can transfer payment to are as follows. We will convert to your local currency of receiving bank at prevailing rate and send payment less TW fee’s.

Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, (Anywhere in the) European Union, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Vietnam, Zambia.

Payment Rates for Ticket Sales

We pay all our affiliates on the following tiered payout structure:

0-3 Tickets Sold 10% Commission

3-9 Tickets Sold 25% Commission

10-15 Tickets Sold 35% Commission

16+ Tickets Sold 50% Commission

If you sell 16 or more tickets you qualify retrospectively for 50 commission on all the tickets sold.

Minimum Payout

Our minimum payment is $50. Please note that our terms must be adhered to. Absolutely no spam.

Depending on the value of the payment and your countries reciprocal tax agreements payment may be delayed only until such time as you can furbish the required tax residency certificate or similar as required by law only. Spammers will be revoked from the program and no payments made. No if’s, no but’s.

Payout Schedule

We will make payments 30 days from the completion of the event. This is to allow for the unlikely eventuality of needing to provide refunds.

Please Note

Absolutely no spam. Any marketing of the event by email must be approved in advance with Emailexpert UK Ltd. Sending email campaigns promoting the event that were not approved and generating spam complaints will result in termination. Any email campaigns conducted with permission resulting in spam complaints will be subject the affiliate to potential account termination after review.

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