Our inaugural Inbox Expo was in March 2020 and our Title Sponsor was Mapp Digital. Originally planned to be held over multiple days at The Science Gallery in Central London.  

A brief history of our conference...

Map of UK focussed on London


As a husband and wife team we start to discuss the idea of organising large scale events for the email industry. We kick off with an emailexpert birthday party on February 13th, “Email: The Gathering: ” was held at The Penthouse Suite of the W Hotel at 541 Lexington Avenue in New York. Over the next few years events and email meetups were organised in a variety of locations including The Hilton Hotel Sydney in association with DotDigital and AlchemyWorx 


Nailya Mukhamedzhanova registers the business emailexpert UK Ltd after securing the rights to the emailexpert.com domain. To celebrate the launch we start organising a small event that quickly grew into an International email marketing conference that far exceeded our expectations. Over 120 delegates were booked to attend our inaugural Inbox Expo event in London. 


A global pandemic arrived and we were forced to pivot our event to an online conference. Having always planned our event to be hybrid and having invested early in the Hopin platform we were ahead of the game when a few short days before we should have gone live in London we had to make the decision to deliver 100% of the content online.


With the continued disruption to global travel and social distancing measures still in place across the globe we are holding our second Inbox Expo online. This tie even bigger, with more stages, speakers, exhibitors and delegates. 


We hope we can return to in-person events and hope to be able to realise our vision of truly global hybrid mult-location events.

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