Rob McEwen

Founder and CEO of invaluement .com, a SaaS business with the goal of helping spam filtering technology companies, ISPs, email hosting companies, and anyone else who hosts their own mail server to achieve the following goals:

(1) block more spam that is undesired by the end users

(2) NOT block legit email (reduce false positives).

(3) Additionally, we’re attempting to revitalize the (almost lost!) art of managing your own mail server, making the complexity of that much easier – it turns out that it *is* possible to achieve BETTER spam filtering and deliverability than the large cloud providers AND have a profitable email hosting or spam filtering business – we help others achieve that goal.

(4) Finally, a newer service involves helping ESPs to not let as much spam go out through their systems, both via education and support provided directly to the ESPs, and by surgically blocking ESPs’ “bad apple” customers, yet without the massive collateral damage that happens when an ESP’s own IPs and domains are blocklisted.

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