Paul Airy

Yorkshire, UK

Company: Beyond the Envelope & Communisis

Live from London, UK

About: Paul Airy

When it comes to email, there’s nothing Paul’s more passionate about, than delivering great email experiences.

This has led him to challenge long-established email design and development practices, and introduce innovative techniques, to make email more recipient-friendly, and accessible.

He’s the author of numerous articles, written to this end, including those published by Net magazine, Really Good Emails, EnvatoTuts+ and Litmus, in addition to his book, ‘A Type of Email: A handbook for working with HTML typography in email’.

Paul is recognised as a lead advocate of accessibility in email, which, last year, led to his nomination for the 2019 Business Disability Awards, ‘Disability-Smart Influencer’ Award, alongside the BBC and Virgin Media.

Paul Airy

Position: Founder, Beyond the Envelope. Email Specialist, Communisis

Location: Yorkshire, UK

Live from London, UK

Email for All

In this first email summit celebrating diversity and accessibility, Paul, in his opening keynote, will tell how making email for all became his passion, right from the very start of his email career, and how this, eventually, led to his work on, and the advocation of, accessibility in email. He’ll outline what he means by making email for all, why we need to make email for all, and how we can go about making email for all.

Key takeaways

In his talk, you’ll learn:
– How to create emails inclusively, accommodating your subscribers diversity
– Why your interpretation of branding might be exclusive
– What it means to deliver email accessibility