Kisha Robinson

Back in 2017, with resources such as freeCodeCamp, Udemy, Coursera and YouTube, I started on a self-led learning journey! My goal was to learn to code so that I could change careers. I’ve read numerous books that have changed my outlook on life and met many people who have inspired my journey. Completing my initial goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree is still important to me so I’ve enrolled in a computer science program that I plan to complete by Spring of 2021.
I currently contribute to improving lives through learning at Udemy. I am involved in local coding communities, I volunteer as a speaker on and I volunteer as a mentor and instructor with a local organization called Philly Tech Sistas.
If you need some advice on getting into tech, email marketing or need a speaker or facilitator on all things email marketing, changing careers, being “different”, learning a new skill or giving back, let’s connect!

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